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Winning Attitude

There are three types of people in life—spectators, losers, and winners. We are not talking about winning games or contests but about life and people skills.  Below is a definition of each:


Spectators are the people who don’t like to get involved and prefer to watch others for fear of being rejected or defeated but also for fear of winning. If there is no commitment then there is no failure. It is safer that way. These types of people are usually not involved in marching band since it takes a huge commitment of time and energy to be a member. However, within the group, some people from time to time tend to slide into this mode of  “let everyone else do the hard work and I’ll just watch.”  There is no failure but there is no enjoyment or reward either.


Losers in life wear a sour face, put others down, have a negative attitude and don’t listen well. Unlike the spectator, they sometimes participate in activities, but they strive to bring others down with them. They give little or no effort and are okay with failure. It is also safer that way. “I don’t really care” is a safer response than saying “I just couldn’t do it.”  They also have little enjoyment or reward other than the attention they sometimes get.


Winners are happy, satisfied people. They set realistic goals for themselves that are achievable but challenging. When this goal is met, they savor the moment and then set a new goal and pursue it. They are supportive and appreciative of others. Winners are aware of their strengths and limitations and strive to improve. They are life-long learners and strive to expand their knowledge in a wide range of interests. They are generally more content and cheerful people.


It is amazing that two people can sit next to each other in class or band and experience the same things and have totally different reactions. What is the difference?  Of course, the difference is attitude, usually starting as soon as they walk in the door. If you think this will be an interesting activity and you can learn some new things, it will be. Don’t be overly influenced by what others say and do.

Most people know the difference between right and wrong when they have to make a decision. Winners choose the right and losers choose the wrong. It makes all the difference in the world.



"If you always do what you have always done, you always get what you have always gotten."

– Jessie Potter

"Celebrate what you accomplish, but raise the bar each time you succeed."

– Mia Hamm

“True winning is no more than one’s own personal pursuit of individual excellence.” 

– Tim Lautzenheiser


You are a winner whenever you strive to be your best.

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