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  • What am I supposed to wear for concerts?
    We strive to have as professional and uniform appearance as possible. High School is usually all-black dress clothes. Junior High is usually the same, but may substitute dark clothes. Dresses are acceptable for ladies, but must be long enough considering we're performing up on a stage. Button shirts, polos, pants, slacks, or nice black jeans with no tears or holes are also acceptable. Ties and suits are nice but not required. Blue Jeans, bright tennis shoes, and t-shirts are not acceptable.
  • When is report time?
    Report times vary depending on the event and any travel involved. For events at our school, report times are 1 - 1.5 hours before the start of the event. For events we travel to, the report time is usually 0.5 - 1 hour before we have to leave from the school to make it there in time. For example, if we had an away game that starts at 7, we need to be there at 6 to unload, dress, and assemble instruments. If the game is 1.5 hours away from SV, we would need to leave at 4:30. If the trailer is not loaded, or not able to be loaded during class, this may mean report time is 3:30 so we can load/inspect. This is an instance where it makes sense to stay after school, so the band room will be open and in almost every case, the boosters will provide a meal before we leave or after we arrive where we're going. Alternately, If we have a home game that starts at 7:00, we don't have to travel or load the trailer, so report time is typically an hour before. This means dressed and ready to play at 6:00, not rolling in the parking lot. In this case, the band room would be unlocked around 5:30 to allow performers to dress/inspect. In this example, the band room will not typically be unlocked from 3:00-5:30, so members and their parents should plan accordingly. This would also mean that members should eat on their own. Color guard have earlier report times so they can prepare hair/makeup and take care of any other preparations. In any case, report times will be announced to members for each event, as well as marked on the board in the band room.
  • Can I do sports and band?
    Yes! It's really important to understand that it is possible to be in band and participate in sports. It often means some flexibility is required from the band director and the coach, but there has never been an instance is my experience where a coach hasn't been willing to work with us. This does place added demand on the student to learn their music and drill, and similarly learn or train on what they need to for their sport, because they'll often be splitting practice time when there is a conflict, but it's entirely possible and should be considered a normal part of being involved in multiple activities. Conflicts are avoided as best as possible, but there may be rare instances where a conflict is unavoidable, in which case, due to the co-curricular nature of band, it would be appropriate to choose to participate in the band event and be sure the coach is informed of the absence well in advance.
  • I can't afford an instrument, Can my child still do band?"
    Absolutely! No matter the case, we WILL find a way for your child to participate. We have had people donate quality instruments and equipment, and the school owns several instruments. That said, there may be limited choices of what is available, but we will find a way for your child to participate.
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